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I will post all of my tried Nerf ideas in this section, emptying out the last one when I do.

I have finished these two developed darts. I hope to get some comments on them from NHQ. When I get a new idea, I'll move the CD dart down, and delete the Shotgun Shell, since most people seem to know about them already.



Nite Finder Stripper Clip
After realizing that if you attached a coupler and 4" of CPVC onto the already existing CPVC NF barrell, it provided for a faster R0F(for it's breech), and greater accuracy and range.
So, take 32" of CPVC and cut them into 8 4" sections. Mark the flatter ends with something, such as sharpie. Fit couplers onto the ends without marks, and glue them on.
Now, one at a time, hot glue the coupler-barrells together, trying to make them as straight as possible.
At the ends of the barrells, the parts opposite the couplers, pour a lot of hot glue between the barrells. This is crucial to the strength of the clip. Once it dries, wrap 1-3 layers of duct tape around the assemblage.

To Use: Load a stefan into the back of each barrell, at the coupler part. Cock the NF, put one coupler onto the barrell, and fire. Repeat.

The "Ow-that-hurts-like-a-bitch-stefan", or the Constant Velocity dart.

Take a non-airjet stock dart, and pull it's cap off. Cut it into 2 1" sections, and be sure to save the other 1/2".
Take a piece of 1/2" Foam Backer Rod, and cut off a small 1 mm. slice of it. Cut that slice in half. Take one half, and crumble it in half, shoving it into the hole of one of the 1" sections, so that it is avout flush with the end of the dart.
Take the end of your hot glue gun, and melt a small portion of the FBR, centering a BB on it soon after.
Put a dome of hot glue on top, and allow it to dry.
Ta~daa! You have made a constant velocity dart. That hurts like a bitch. Try it!

-Also, it usually always gets aorund 45' flat, from any gun. Hence, the "constant velocity" nickname.