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Here you will find modifications for Nerf guns that are currently out on the market, or recent ones that have just dropped out of stores.

  To modify...

To perform this mod, you will need...

  • A sharp knife
  • Hot glue
  • Silicone(optional)
  • A small philips screwdriver
  • A small strightslot screwdriver

     First off, take out the screws in the slider, and remove both halves, keeping all parts that fly out. Now, unscrew all of the other screws, and take the gun apart.

     Push the yellow button, and remove the turret from the gun's casing. Unscrew the six screws in the cylinder, and take out the metal rod in the center, keeping the spring and plastic piece that fly out. Now, you can open your cylinder.

     Take all of the little orange pronged pieces and springs out and throw them away. Take the pieces with the barrell posts on them and cut slits from each little hole in the plate, so that you can remove the center with the posts. This increases airflow and allows you to use stefans. do this to all of the plates, and then hot glue them back in to their original places. Put a ring of hot glue for a better seal around each plate, and put the cylinder back together, screwing the screws in. Put the spring and center pole back in, re-assembling the cylinder. Put some silicone lube on the back of the cylinder where the air gets to the for less friction and a better seal when the cylinder rotates.

     (Optional) To have your cylinder "pop" out more for easier reloading, go to for detailed instructions, and instructins on a clip mod.

    Put all the screws back in, and put the gun back together, making sure to thread teh pole in the slider mechanism back through the spring, so that it slides forward automatically. and you're done!

The Maverick REV-6

  To modify...

To perform this mod, you will need..

  • A small philips screwdiver
  • Hot glue
  • Silicone lube(optional)
  • 2-4" CPVC, 4" recommended
  • Hacksaw
  • Sharp knife

     Open up the casing, keeping all the little pieces that fly out. Take out the two screws in the plunger-barrell assembly, and break it into pieces. Take the tri-pronged piece and small spring, and throw them away. Take the barrell, and also throw it away. Take the piece with teh prong and holes on it, and cut off the part with the prong and holes with your knife, so you only have a flat disc with a some-what large hole in th center.

     Take your hot glue gun, and put a nice amount of hot glue in a ring around the hole in the disc. Center your CPVC onto theis. Once it has dried, apply another layer for good measure.

     Take out the plunger, and apply som silicone lube. Set it aside. Take the new barrell and plunger endcap, and place them back on the plunger casing. Hot glue a the plunger casing to the new barrell piece. You need an excellent seal here.

     Take the plunger, and put it back in the casing. Re-assemble the gun.

     Point the gun toward you so that your staring down the barrell. Apply a nice amount of hot gue to where the barrell and silver supporting piece meet, for better stability of he barrell. Allow the gun to dry.

     Ta~daa! A modified NF. Go test it. If you performed it corretly, it should get ranges of 50-60' flat.

The Nite Finder

  To modify...

To modify this gun, you will need...

  • A sharp knife
  • Hot glue
  • Silicone(optional)
  • Hacksaw
  • 4 6" sections of CPVC
  • Electrical Tape
  • Sand Paper

     Take all of the screws out of you gun. Now, to get it apart, you can either pry the two halves apart, or cut off the anti-mod cap with your knife. I choose to pry it apart.

     Once you have the anti-mod cap off, open teh gun up. Take the plunger out, and turn it so that the o-ring side is facing you. Apply a large amount of hot glue ito the hole at teh end, and silicone to the o-ring. Set it aside to dry.

     Take out the turret. See that line where the barrells meet the barrell stubs? Cut that part completel through with your hacksaw. Once you've gotten all the springs out, pry out all the pieces of plastic still left in the barrell stubs. Sand it down. You should be able to stick your CPVC in the barrell stubs now. Do so. Make sure that the new barrells are all of the way in the stubs. Apply hot glue as an extra sealant. Take your electic tape, and wrap a good amount around the end of the barrells tightly, so that the barrells slant toward each other. Put the turrett and plunger back in, making sure that the o-ring in the turrett is present.

     Screw your gun back together. And your done! It should get ranges of 75-90' flat.

The AirTech 2000