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Belt-Fed Maverick
After playing Call of Duty for two hours, and being amazed at the Browning .30 caliber belt-fed machine gun, it suddenly dawned on me that the same belt could be used with the Maverick.

The clip
Okay. I'm currently working on this, so if you have any comments, sign the guest book, or join our forum.

I took the turret apart, and took out the middle part. I marked notches for where to cut, and cut the outer shell off, leaving about half of the little 1/2" sections that hold the barrels. After filing them down a bit, I took 2 3/4" of CPVC, and attached it in the center of the cylinder. Then I threaded the metal pole back in. I cut the casing of the cylinder out, and used the semi-semi-circular pieces for extra length of the 1/2" sections.

The only problem I now have is-how to seal it? The air just dies after it goes out the plunger. I need some suggestions and comments.

The completed product is to the left.
The grey are the ends of the turret that allow it to flip out, the white is the CPVC, the yellow is the semi-circles cut off from the inside of the shell, the orange are the orange caps, and the green is the barrel stubs.

Here's another pic.