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I have completely finished this section. Sorry if the links seem to be inadequate, but if you want a greater variety, go to nerfworld.com. Which is linked here.


Nerf blogs

My blog Yeah. My blog. w00t!
Tinkerer's blog His ideas-all yours. Here.
Talio's blog The first NERF blog. Ever.

Other Nerf Sites
Nerf HQ A very nice site if you are just getting started in Nerf. Or like Nerf. Hell, it's an awesome site. So join!
Nerf Haven Also an awesome site. However, it is down to membership until Karma is implemented.
The Den of Foam This site is very well constructed, but lacking in forums. Nice mods, write-ups, and other...stuff.
Nerf World A large datbase of mods, reviews, and other helpful things.
Nerf City Nice comics. And other nice stuff.
Foamageddon Excellent site by one of NHQ's moderators, Tinkerer. It's made completely from HTML, so feel envy at his 1337 HTML coding 5ki112!
Webbzter's Universe A very nice site for tactics and R&D.
Nerf Stuff A pretty nice site made by one of NHQ's members, ct.
Boltsniper's page A site created by a member of the NERFing community who has his own Co2 powered, clip-fed sniper rifle.